For generations, our family has made traditional southern Italian Sopressata Calabrese. Brought to America by our grandfather in 1921 when he emigrated from the small mountain town of Simbario, Calabria, Italy.

Grandpa's childhood home in Simbario, Calabria, Italy

Each winter after Christmas the entire family gathered to make our annual batch.  We used only the highest quality pork and spices and cured it in a homemade drying room chilled by that famous cold Chicago air. 

This spicy family recipe was enjoyed at every family holiday and neighborhood gathering preserved throughout the year in olive oil just like grandpa did in Simbario.


The BAVA family making an annual batch, Chicago, circa 1970. Only the finest paprika and ingredients for our Sopressata.

Celebrating our family’s heritage, 4th generation Bavas, Steven and Eric are sharing their passion for only the best Sopressata. Today it is handcrafted in California with all-natural ingredients and the same timeless techniques.

We know Grandpa Bava would be proud.

Steven and Eric Bava, launching BAVA Brothers Sopressata Calabrese at J.P. Graziano Grocery,  Chicago December 2013. (@jpgraziano)